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Emme Pi Light

   Emme Pi Light has been operating in the lighting industry since 1982. With more than twenty years of experience MPL has developed the expertise and the ability required to face an increasingly selective and demanding market.
   Deep Rooted in the Venetian glass tradition, MPL is committed to the production of decorative lighting fixtures whose key factor is the presence of glass or crystal components.
Bearing this in mind, MPL designs and produces a large array of lighting fixtures: from classic to traditional designs, and from contemporary to modern styles.
   By combining frames of different shapes, styles and sizes with various kind of crystal or glass, MPL offers a wide range of articles suitable to satisfy the needs of demanding and knowledgeable clients.
Quality and flexibility are ensured by MPLís production system based on in-the-company procedures that go through different stages such as designing, packaging and assembling, and the quality checks.
MPL has been focusing on export sine the established in 1982. More than 95% of the annual sales are made to foreign countries either in the EU and in the rest of the world.
   Therefore, MPL had to deal and comply with different market requirements, such as diverse qualitative standards, different customs procedures, different electric certifications and different bank systems.
These competencies permit to satisfy clients from any part of the world and place MPL in a strong position in a competitive industry.

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