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Since its foundation in 1968, BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH has developed into a lamp manufacturer with activities worldwide. The medium- sized enterprise is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese group USHIO Inc., Tokyo.
BLV-lamps are designed and manufactured in the plant at Steinhöring near Munich, Germany. To serve customers with the highest quality and to make available an innovative range of products has always been the guiding principle of BLV philosophy.
BLV programme offers a wide choice of discharge and tungsten-halogen lamps. This extensive range is complemented by special lamps in the field of infrared and UV-radiation.
The competence of the enterprise is based on the extraordinary quality and the long life of the products as well as on the sophisticated assortment of lamps.
BLV was the first lamp manufacturer in the world to be awarded the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate. BLV meets the challenge, to "live" quality in all fields of activity, from incoming orders up to the delivery of goods. Highly motivated employees and regular training programmes support this objective. Yearly inspections ensure that BLV works according to the strictest standards of quality.
BLV has its own Research & Development department. BLV technicians develop all the machinery and procedures for the production lines. All the machines are constantly being adapted to meet the special needs of BLV's customers.


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