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La murrina

   La Murrina was born on the island of Murano, Italy in 1968 as a collaboration between a few selected Master Glass Blowers, whose skill was a tradition passed to them from centuries worth of generations before them. In 1974, a Milanese family took control of the now successful company. They believed in the traditional art of glass blowing and had innovative ideas that would modernize this ancient art form, as well as the company as a whole. This seamless marriage of the antique and the contemporary has earned La Murrina their leading position as one of the most appreciated and respected manufacturers of Murano glass lighting and dècor products in the world. In spite of common industrial manufacturing processes of modern-day, La Murrina maintains entirely handmade production on every glass piece, allowing their beauty to resonate as works of art as well as functional dècor pieces. Every single item is also engraved by hand, as a guarantee and certification of an authentic and high quality product. The desire to satisfy modern design and architectural needs, together with the importance in maintaining the traditional art is Venetian glass, are ever-present themes for La Murrina and its Glass Blowers and designers. Through unique collaborations and innovative design techniques, we are able to update all of the most classic Venetian glass styles as well as generate contemporary lines of design pieces that satisfy every residential or commercial space.

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