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Bello Sedie

BELLO SEDIE, HIGH QUALITY IS OUR STANDARD Established in 1978, BELLO SEDIE today is a dynamic and modern leading company that produces chairs and tables. BELLO SEDIE, constantly developing thanks to its continuous investment in manufacturing equipment and state-of-the-art technologies, boasts high production capacity that meets any need of our customers and of the different market trends. The production of BELLO SEDIE has always been characterized by the use of the best essences of hardwood coming from FSC-certified forests, respecting the eco-system and environmental balance. Cullwood is fully re-used for the production of clean energy and a part of the operating profit is allocated to forest plantation. BELLO SEDIE’s policy aims at a high, careful and constant care for quality, in addition to a search for perfection in every detail. The CHAIRS and TABLES made by BELLO SEDIE, despite being inspired by classical models, are always reinterpreted originally and put in a modern context. BELLO SEDIE can guarantee to its Customers: Customization of the products with exclusive finishes and the carving of logos/brands; Total compliance with the terms of delivery and the conditions of supply; Total control of the products: from the individual working phases up to the assembly and shipping phases, with greatest care for the high quality standards that BELLO SEDIE sets itself.

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