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Six decades of tradition. More than 65 years of tradition, research, innovation and development have placed Muebles Picó on the business, technological and creative forefronts of high-end furniture. Three generations have managed to create, enhance and project a dynamic company whose constant progression refines through experience and advances toward the future. It was José Ramón Picó who started the journey in 1945. His cabinet making workshop was distinguished by its selection of wood, well-made carvings and meticulous in-laid decorations. The excellent work and value of the artisan gained momentum among the clientele, and the success of his classical creations along with the continuous development of new projects, marked growth for the company. With quality as a trademark for the company in all of Spain, José Picó Tamarit joins the company in 1965. Under his leadership Muebles Picó expands and begins furnishing homes and facilities around the world. He led classical and contemporary decorative projects that enhanced both the personality and style of the furniture on five continents. Today the company is on the cutting edge of furniture production with a high-tech and rigorous quality control system and complete environmental management research under continuous investment. The company advances its production methods without losing its roots in artisan craftsmanship. This is the fruit of six decades of labor from a continually innovative company that has already paved the way for the third generation to begin new projects that enhance the present as we enter the future.

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